The Crystal Flowers are five mysterious objects, each existing in a different World. In order for someone to become a Platinum Princess and wear the Eternal Tiara, five Crystal Flowers are needed.

Human World Flower Edit

Demon World Flower Edit


The Crystal Flower of the Demon World

The Demon World Flower was found by Yucie and Glenda after they defeated King Meow The First, as it was being used as the source of his powers. After taking the Flower, King Meow The First's castle crumbled, and all of his spells that had turned the people of the Demon World into cats were nullified.

It is bright red.

Heaven Flower Edit

Heavens Crystal Flower

The Cyrstal Flower of Heaven

The third Crystal Flower was located in the Heavens, past a gate known as the Heaven's Door. The girls were sent to Heaven in order to retrieve it, and were told by Elmina's father that they would have to pass a series of tests before retrieving it, before the time ran out. Yucie, Glenda, Cocoloo, and most importantly Elmina faced three different trials; Knowledge, Force and Beauty, where they were asked to complete a series of tasks in order to proceed to the next floor. Despite Elmina's trauma of dancing in front of her father, she was able to overcome her problems thanks to her friends, and evetually attained the Heaven Flower.

The Heaven Flower's color is pink.

Fairy World Flower Edit

Cocoloo Fairy Flower

Cocoloo with the Fairy World's flower

The Crystal Flower of the Fairy World was located on the very top of the World Tree, the King of the Fairy World.

Although none of the residents of the Fairy World knew where the Flower really was, and even Beth herself had never heard of its existence, it appeared before the Princess Candidates after Beth saved Cocoloo from falling off the top of the World Tree, saving her life.

Its color is green.

Spirit World Flower Edit