The Demon World Items are a series of objects Cube buys to help Yucie in several ocassions.

Great Hell Hound Tube Edit


Cat Yucie carrying the Great Hell Hound Tube

Seen in Episode 7, this Item is said to be extremely powerful against all cat-like creatures. Cube gave it to Yucie so that she may help Glenda defeat King Meow the First when he took over the Demon World. However, when Yucie tried using it she hit Glenda instead, running out of ammunition before being of any help. Later, Yucie used the Great Hell Hound Tube to give Glenda the Hell Catnip the Demon King had stored inside the bell she was carrying. Glenda used the Hell Catnip to defeat King Meow the First, saving the Demon World.

Mermaid Outfit Edit

An outfit that allows people to breathe underwater. It looks like a normal mermaid outfit. Cube gave it to Yucie in Episode 11 when she wanted to search for the Mermaid Light with Aries.

Komodo D'Ard Edit

Komodo D'Ard episode 13

A hula-hoop looking item that can teleport the user to wherever they need. Cube bought it from the Demon Shop in episode 13 to help Yucie, Cocoloo and Elmina get to Glenda. However, they didn't know where Glenda had gone, so they weren't able to use the item until the owner of the Magic Shop told them where to go.

Pixie Pendants Edit

A pendant that allows the wearer to become almost microscopic. It was used by Cube, Gaga and Chawoo to go inside of Balizan and remove the Rainbow Butterflies that were causing him to malfuction.

Mermaid Tears Edit

A small, blue bottle containing a mermaid's tears. If poured into an object, it'll return to its original form. However, it can only stay that way for a short amount of time. Elmina used this object to return the burnt letter back to its original form in Episode 19.