Elimina is the Princess of the Angel World and the Fourth Platinum Princess Candidate. She is 17 years old and also suffers from the curse of a 10 year old's body.


Elmina when first introduced is a very serious and quiet girl. She kept to herself and rarely showed emotion towards others, which infuriated Glenda because of their Heaven and Hell differences. Most of Elmina's personality was defined by her Father, the King of Heaven because of his strive to make her perfect in everything. Over time though, thanks to befriending the other Platina Princesses, Elmina becomes happier and friendlier toward others.

Elmina's steward/servent is Barizan, a large robot from Heaven with good manners and a kind personality. He was the only one who comforted and cared for Elmina during her trouble in Heaven, and since then became her closest friend.


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