Gunbard is Yucie's adoptive father as well as Queen Ercell's ex-lover. He's also the hero who completed the Eternal Tiara known as Courageous Gunbard.

He's shown to be a loving, kind, but somewhat doting father to Yucie.

In his past, he was Queen Ercell's personal guard and the two eventually fell in love with each other. Upon learning of then Princess Ercell's arranged marriage, Gunbard hurried off to collect the pieces of the Eternal Tiara to become acknowledged as nobility. Once he returned, he would formally propose to her. Unbeknownst to him, Ercell's father had became ill and believed to be at death's door. As his supposed final wish, he asked Ercell to marry the man who had originally proposed to her. Ercell, reluctant and saddened, agrees. Gunbard had indeed returned with the completed Tiara, but it was too late for his beloved had already been married.

A devastated Gunbard leaves the palace behind forever and some time later is sent off to war. After the battle, he sees a glowing light descend from the sky. He rushes into a clearing to investigate and finds an infant girl.

He adopts the baby as his own and names her Yucie.

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