Queen Ercell, in addition to being queen, is also the principal of the Princess Academy, and the keeper of the Eternal Tiara. She is in charge of finding the Platinum Princess candidates and guiding them through their tasks, as well leading other princesses and noble's daughters. She clearly seems to recognize Gunbard by the gasp she makes when Yucie announces she is his daughter to Queen Ercell, but what connection Queen Ercell might have remains is kept somewhat mysterious for much of the series. But Gunbard was actually Ercell's former lover many years ago. Gunbard went to gather the parts of the Eternal Tiara in all 5 worlds so that he becomes a knight would be able to marry Ercell,as he was just a commoner with a small patch of land, to his dismay, when he returned, Ercell was already married and has a child.

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