Yucie is the Princess of the Human realm and the First Platina Princess Candidate. She is 17 years old and suffers from the curse of a 10 year old's body.
Real Yucie

Princess Yucie


Yucie is a very determined, adventurous and fun loving girl. She sees herself as one who can do just about anything and allows nothing to stand in her way There are times, however, when she can appear clumsy and hot tempered, but even this just rounds her out as a natural leader and learner; Yucie cares deeply for those who are close to her and always tries to be supportive.


Kokoru: Kokoru is a Platina Princess Candidate and Yucie's best friend in Petite Princess Yucie.

Arc/Prince Arrow: Yucie's love interest.

Grenda/Glenda: Yucie's friend/rival who always tries to be on top, infuriating Yucie

Erumina: Another friend of Yucie's who admires her perserverence

Beth: A troubled girl who befriends Kokoru, and eventually Yucie

Gunbard: Yucie's adoptive father

Cube: Yucie's steward and close friend

Role in the SeriesEdit

Similar to classic Princess Maker tradition, Yucie was found as an infant by the knight Gunbard after a battle, and became his adopted daughter. Due to an unknown curse, she stopped growing at the age of ten, and looks like a child despite the fact that she is now seventeen. Yucie is very cheerful and gregarious, but she has a very strong desire to break her curse and become an adult. One of the reasons is that she oftens feels that being small in size is a hinder to others, thus wishing to grow up. Yucie becomes a Platinum Princess candidate after she sees the light of the Eternal Tiara, which is not visible to others. It is also said that she is the princess of the human world, seen in the last episode. However, there is no evidence to prove it. She also loves Arc.

About Yucie

Yucie has a lot friends including Glenda, Elimina, Kokalou, Cube and many more. Her favorite food is said to be choco-chocos. Her pet peeve is whenever it is her birthday again her father Gunbard always cooks a ridiculously large meal. She's always asking Cube for new items from the demon world to help with tasks. She meets Kokalou in the first episode where Kokalou is being bullied by older girls. Glenda appears in the second episode where she wants Yucie kicked out of the academy. Elimina appears riding her familiar which is a robot thing. She gets along with her friends familiars as well.

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